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Bethel people are passionate – about academics, music, forensics, sports, work, art, worship, service, conversation. Everyone here is passionate about something, usually several things.
— Allison Boehm, ’09

Directory (N-R)

Frank Nachtigal

Maintenance Staff
Ext: 254
Phone: 316-284-5254

Jason Nichols

Assistant Football Coach
Ext: 496
Phone: 316-284-5496

Holly Nickel

Adjunct Instructor of Literary Studies
Ext: 301
Phone: 316-284-5301

Wendy Nugent

Alumni Relations Administrative Assistant
Ext: 251
Phone: 316-284-5251

Kerryn Opat

Athletic Training Graduate Assistant

Clark Oswald

Associate Director of Admissions
Ext: 313
Phone: 316-284-5313

Rachel Pannabecker

Director of Kauffman Museum
Phone: 316-283-1612

Brennan Peacock

Head Men's Soccer Coach
Ext: 220
Phone: 316-284-5220

Malcolm Pearson

Assistant Football Coach
Ext: 493
Phone: 316-284-5493

Ryan Pendleton

Adjunct Instructor of Business
Ext: 319
Phone: 316-284-5319

Jon Piper

Professor of Biology
Ext: 215
Phone: 316-284-5215

James Pisano

Associate Professor of Music
Ext: 265
Phone: 316-284-5265

Laura Prahm

Adjunct Clinical Instructor of Nursing
Ext: 309
Phone: 316-284-5309

Doyle Preheim

Visiting Professor of Music
Ext: 316
Phone: 316-284-5316

Mary Jo Preheim

Adjunct Instructor of Music

Gail Pryce

Adjunct Instructor of Education
Ext: 255
Phone: 316-284-5255

Dan Quinlin

Professor of Languages, Director of CAD
Ext: 333
Phone: 316-284-5333

Thomas Rainer

Adjunct Instructor of Visual Arts
Ext: 312
Phone: 316-284-5312

Mike Ratzlaff

Maintenance Staff
Ext: 254
Phone: 316-284-5254

Larissa Rauch

Associate Director of Admissions
Ext: 234
Phone: 316-284-5234

Ami Regier

Professor of Literary Studies
Ext: 293
Phone: 316-284-5293

Chuck Regier

Curator of Exhibits
Phone: 316-283-1612

Mary Regier

Administrative Assistant to Director of Development
Ext: 250
Phone: 316-284-5250

Roger Reimer

Maintenance Staff
Ext: 253
Phone: 316-284-5253

Mario Reyes-Hernandez

Assistant Soccer Coach