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Bethel people are passionate – about academics, music, forensics, sports, work, art, worship, service, conversation. Everyone here is passionate about something, usually several things.
— Allison Boehm, ’09

Directory (I-M)

Chris Ibach

Athletic Training Graduate Assistant
Ext: 209
Phone: 316-284-5209

Lonnie Isaac

Tennis Coach, Instructor of Health and Physical Education
Ext: 395
Phone: 316-284-5395

Allen Jantz

Professor of Education
Ext: 257
Phone: 316-284-5257

Mark Jantzen

Associate Professor of History
Ext: 354
Phone: 316-284-5354

Lisa Janzen Scott

Assistant Professor of Education and Mathematics
Ext: 310
Phone: 316-284-5310

Candi Jaso

Custodial Supervisor
Ext: 393
Phone: 316-284-5393

Michael Johnson

Assistant Football Coach

Nancy Johnson

Adjunct Instructor of Violin
Ext: 268
Phone: 316-284-5268

Benjamin Jones

Events Coordinator
Ext: 878
Phone: 316-284-5878

Jesse Kaufman

Web Developer
Ext: 212
Phone: 316-284-5212

Rosi Kaufman

Adjunct Instructor of Organ
Ext: 834
Phone: 316-284-5834

Chris Koehn

Assistant Football Coach
Ext: 382
Phone: 316-284-5382

Ethan Koerner

Adjunct Instructor of Theatre
Ext: 270
Phone: 316-284-5270

Denise Krase

Assistant to Vice President of Academic Affairs
Ext: 239
Phone: 316-284-5239

Dwight Krehbiel

Professor of Psychology
Ext: 211
Phone: 316-284-5211

David Kreider

Museum Technician
Phone: 316-283-1612

Linsey Laird

Women's Soccer Assistant Coach

Kathryn Layman

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics
Ext: 821
Phone: 316-284-5821

George Leary

Adjunct Instructor of Education
Ext: 255
Phone: 316-284-5255

Doug Lengel

KIPCOR Office Manager
Ext: 217
Phone: 316-284-5217

Paul Lewis

Professor of Psychology, Professor of Philosophy
Ext: 292
Phone: 316-284-5292

Annette LeZotte

Director of Kauffman Museum
Phone: 316-283-1612

Dave Linscheid

Director of Alumni Relations
Ext: 252
Phone: 316-284-5252

Joel Linscheid

Instructor of Music
Ext: 256
Phone: 316-284-5256

Yanxu Liu

Assistant Professor of Business and Economics
Ext: 319
Phone: 316-284-5319

Lori Livengood

Vice President for Marketing and Communication
Ext: 227
Phone: 316-284-5227

Bobby Lloyd

Assistant Professor of Business and Economics
Ext: 245
Phone: 316-284-5245

David Long

Professor of Art
Ext: 223
Phone: 316-284-5223

Tricia Lopez

Administrative Assistant for Teacher Education and Social Work
Ext: 255
Phone: 316-284-5255

Karen and Lynn Loucks

Adjunct Instructor of Education
Ext: 255
Phone: 316-284-5255

Lindsay Luinstra

Athletic Training Graduate Assistant
Ext: 384
Phone: 316-284-5384

Donalyn Manion

Communications Coordinator
Ext: 287
Phone: 316-284-5287

John Marble

Head Volleyball Coach, Sports Information Director
Ext: 263
Phone: 316-284-5263

Kristen Marble

Adjunct Instructor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Ext: 312
Phone: 316-284-5312

Hannah Marko

Adjunct Instructor of Nursing
Ext: 365
Phone: 316-284-5365

Gail Marsh

Administrative Assistant for Development
Ext: 250
Phone: 316-284-5250

Mallory Marsh

Director of Forensics

Sarah Masem

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ext: 262
Phone: 316-284-5262

Martin Mathis

Head Football Coach
Ext: 392
Phone: 316-284-5392

Doug Maury

Athletic Training Education Program Director
Ext: 298
Phone: 316-284-5298

John McCabe-Juhnke

Professor of Communication Arts, Nelson W. and Gladys I. Krehbiel Distinguished Chair in Speech and Forensics
Ext: 272
Phone: 316-284-5272

Allison McFarland

Professor of Business and Economics
Ext: 353
Phone: 316-284-5353

Jeri Melin

Adjunct Instructor of Nursing
Ext: 366
Phone: 316-284-5366

Francisca Méndez-Harclerode

Associate Professor
Ext: 219
Phone: 316-284-5219

Jake Meyer

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Stacy Middleton

Head Softball Coach, Assistant Volleyball Coach
Ext: 218
Phone: 316-284-5218

Marcia Miller

Ext: 314
Phone: 316-284-5314

Heather Moore

Nursing Admissions and Office Administrator
Ext: 308
Phone: 316-284-5308