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I love the community here at Bethel. We are a 500-member support group. I am going to miss that more than anything.
Elizabeth Shelly ’12

Directory (D-H)

Dennis Danders

Adjunct Instructor of String Bass

Maria Day

Adjunct Instructor of Spanish
Ext: 351
Phone: 316-284-5351

Gregg Dick

Controller, Golf Coach
Ext: 277
Phone: 316-284-5277

Shirley Dietzel

Director of Business Services, Assistant Softball Coach
Ext: 202
Phone: 316-284-5202

Patsy Dirksen

Student Life Office Coordinator
Ext: 324
Phone: 316-284-5324

Tyler Doerksen

Lab Instructor of Biology

William Eash

Professor of Music
Ext: 316
Phone: 316-284-5316

Nicole Eitzen

Kauffman Museum Assistant

Rachel Epp Buller

Assistant Professor of Art
Ext: 222
Phone: 316-284-5222

Joe Fenton

Web Editor, Media Services Coordinator
Ext: 877
Phone: 316-284-5877

Marilyn Flaming

Admissions Office Manager
Ext: 229
Phone: 316-284-5229

Royce Flaming

Maintenance Staff
Ext: 254
Phone: 316-284-5254

Carol Flickinger

Adjunct Instructor of Literary Studies
Ext: 255
Phone: 316-284-5255

Gary Flory

KIPCOR Director
Ext: 881
Phone: 316-284-5881

Gabriel Fonseca

Resident Director, Coordinator of Student Activities
Ext: 371
Phone: 316-284-5371

Mark Fox

Women's Basketball Coach
Ext: 311
Phone: 316-284-5311

Russ Francis

Information Services Coordinator
Ext: 323
Phone: 316-284-5323

Karl Friesen

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Ext: 259
Phone: 316-284-5259

Timothy Frye

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Karen Garcia

Student Accounts and Financial Aid Staff
Ext: 233
Phone: 316-284-5233

Nicholas Garrett

Assistant Football Coach
Ext: 492
Phone: 316-284-5492

Jessica Gillette

Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education
Ext: 383
Phone: 316-284-5383

Howard Glanton

Adjunct Instructor of Guitar
Ext: 838
Phone: 316-284-5838

Fred Goering

Director of Development
Ext: 226
Phone: 316-284-5226

Les Goerzen

Director of Facilities and Technology
Ext: 261
Phone: 316-284-5261

Peter Goerzen

Campus Pastor, Director of Church Relations
Ext: 356
Phone: 316-284-5356

Joseph Gogus

Head Cheerleading Coach
Ext: 213
Phone: 316-284-5213

Allyson Goniea

Assistant Softball Coach

Chester Gonzalez

Custodial Staff
Ext: 376
Phone: 316-284-5376

Guadalupe Gonzalez

Admissions Counselor
Ext: 235
Phone: 316-284-5235

Russ Graber

Ext: 383
Phone: 316-284-5383

Tony Graber

Director of Financial Aid
Ext: 232
Phone: 316-284-5232

Brett Gunderson

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Kelly Harms

Maintenance Staff
Ext: 254
Phone: 316-284-5254

Matt Hein

Associate Director of Development
Ext: 357
Phone: 316-284-5357

Justin Heinzekehr

Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Religion
Ext: 312
Phone: 316-284-5312

Luis Herrera

Admissions Counselor
Ext: 231
Phone: 316-284-5231

Donna Hetrick

Adjunct Instructor of Organ
Ext: 834
Phone: 316-284-5834

Greta Hiebert

Interlibrary Loan Assistant
Ext: 303
Phone: 316-284-5303

Gary Histand

Professor of Chemistry
Ext: 221
Phone: 316-284-5221

Tony Hoops

Head Men's Basketball Coach
Ext: 391
Phone: 316-284-5391