Seek. Serve. Grow.
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Bethel people are passionate – about academics, music, forensics, sports, work, art, worship, service, conversation. Everyone here is passionate about something, usually several things.
— Allison Boehm, ’09

Directory (A-C)

Victoria Adame

Adjunct Instructor of Education
Ext: 255
Phone: 316-284-5255

Adam Akers

Maintenance Staff, IMS Staff
Ext: 254
Phone: 316-284-5254

Kent Allshouse

Athletic Director, Head Cross Country Coach, Head Track Coach
Ext: 283
Phone: 316-284-5283

Andi Andres

Curator of Education
Phone: 316-283-1612

Aaron Austin

Vice President for Student Life
Ext: 324
Phone: 316-284-5324

Rosa Barrera

Assistant to the President
Ext: 241
Phone: 316-284-5241

Nathan Bartel

Assistant Professor of Literary Studies
Ext: 240
Phone: 316-284-5240

Donna Becker

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ext: 327
Phone: 316-284-5327

Cindy Beth

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Ext: 341
Phone: 316-284-5341

Danika Bielek

Administrative Director of BCAPA
Phone: 316-283-4902

Brad Born

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Literary Studies
Ext: 238
Phone: 316-284-5238

Ryan Bourque

Head Cross Country Coach, Assistant Track Coach
Ext: 497
Phone: 316-284-5497

Heather Boyce-Broddle

Adjunct Instructor of Visual Arts
Ext: 312
Phone: 316-284-5312

Karen Buerge

Cashier/Payroll Clerk
Ext: 322
Phone: 316-284-5322

Tim Buller

IMS Team Leader, KBCU General Manager
Ext: 273
Phone: 316-284-5273

Kendra Burkey

Adjunct Instructor of Communication Arts

Kay Buskirk

Adjunct Instructor of Viola

Jean Butts

Warkentin Court, Resident Director
Ext: 338
Phone: 316-284-5338

Debbi Caliendo

Business Office/Accounting Manager
Ext: 290
Phone: 316-284-5290

Amber Chalashtari

Voth Hall, Resident Director and Director of Housing
Ext: 371
Phone: 316-284-5371

Soyoun Chun

Assistant Professor of Music
Ext: 282
Phone: 316-284-5282

Nancy Ciskey

Associate Professor of Nursing
Ext: 306
Phone: 316-284-5306

Brady Coffman

Assistant Soccer Coach

Christine Crouse-Dick

Associate Professor of Communication Arts
Ext: 271
Phone: 316-284-5271