Seek. Serve. Grow.
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Bethel people are passionate – about academics, music, forensics, sports, work, art, worship, service, conversation. Everyone here is passionate about something, usually several things.
— Allison Boehm, ’09


Geraldine Tyrell

Director, Department of Nursing
Ext: 340
Phone: 316-284-5340

Nancy Ciskey

Associate Professor of Nursing
Ext: 306
Phone: 316-284-5306

Sarah Masem

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ext: 262
Phone: 316-284-5262

Heather Moore

Nursing Admissions and Office Administrator
Ext: 308
Phone: 316-284-5308

Laura Prahm

Instructor of Nursing
Ext: 309
Phone: 316-284-5309

Bobbi Schrag

Instructor of Nursing
Ext: 396
Phone: 316-284-5396

Paulette Wollenhaupt

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ext: 394
Phone: 316-284-5394