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I love the community here at Bethel. I knew I’d have great classes, but I never thought I would stumble upon a whole new family when I came to college. You can count on everyone to lend a helping hand.
Taylor McCabe-Juhnke ’12

Common Questions about Living on Campus

May I see my room before the move-in date?
Yes and no (if that makes any sense). Residence hall rooms are only sometimes available to see before the move-in dates. We plan construction and renovation for the summer. Our halls are also used for summer school and conference groups. After groups leave or construction is completed, our housekeeping staff needs time to prepare the halls for your arrival. You can view diagrams of many of the rooms on our website. Please check with your admissions counselor to determine whether you will be able to see your particular room.
Who are resident assistants and resident directors?
An RA is a fellow student trained to help residents of a hall develop community and reports to the resident director (RD). An RD is a full-time, live-in staff member responsible for the management of a specific building. This includes community development and the training of student residential staff.
When can I move in?
Move-in typically occurs in mid- to late August.
What furniture is provided in my room?
Each resident will have a bed, mattress, chest of drawers, closet/wardrobe, desk and chair.
Can I build my own loft bed?
You are welcome to build your own loft bed using the proper specifications. (See building guidelines.) Bethel College primarily uses 75-inch mattresses.
Are phones provided?
No. Each bedroom has telephone service, and you can check out a phone with a $50 deposit or bring a phone from home. However, each residence hall does have a public phone in the lobby which can be used for local calls.
Will I have cable television access and a computer connection?
Cable television is available in lounge areas only. You can have a TV in your room or suite and get local channels with a digital converter box (or if your TV is DTV ready). An Ethernet or wireless card is needed for your computer. Read more about the computer facilities and policies on campus.
Are bed lofts available?
Yes. RAs will help residents set up lofts the first couple weeks of school. Lofts are given out on a first come-first serve basis and are limited.
Are laundry facilities provided?
Coin-operated washers and dryers are provided on each floor.
Do I need to move out during breaks?
Residences are not open for occupancy during Thanksgiving, Christmas or spring breaks. Residents may leave personal belongings in their rooms during breaks. As a general rule, residences close at 6 p.m. the evening before break begins and open at 1 p.m. the day before classes resume.
When do I need to move out in May?
Graduating residents must check out by noon on the day after commencement. Non-graduating residents must check out by 6 p.m. on the Friday before commencement.
What electrical appliances are allowed in rooms?
Refrigerators, microwave ovens and hot air popcorn poppers are allowed in student rooms.
What is the smoking policy in the residence halls?
No smoking is permitted in the residence halls (or in any campus buildings). Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area.
Is air conditioning available?
Yes. Each room or area has an air conditioning unit controlled by the resident/s.
What do I need to connect to the Internet and Bethel Network?
You will need a computer (PC or Mac) with an Ethernet card and a standard Ethernet cable. Network ports — separate from the phone line — are available in every dorm room on campus, and a wireless network covers most buildings on campus. If you don’t own a computer, there are more than 30 computers on campus for student use. Read more about the computer facilities and policies on campus.
How are roommates selected?
Roommates will first be selected by each resident’s preference of whom s/he would like to have as a roommate. The roommate of choice must also specify this person as a roommate on her/his student life contract. If the resident has no preference, but still needs a roommate, the residence life and admissions staff will assign a roommate based on factors of roommate compatibility.
How many roommates will I have?
All freshmen will have a roommate. Otherwise, you may specify either a single or double occupancy room. Single occupancy rooms will only be available if there are not enough students to fill the hall and cost 50 percent more than double occupancy.
Will I need to buy a meal plan?
As part of your residence hall contract, you will receive a meal plan that provides for almost all of your meals during the semester.
How may I decorate my room?
You may decorate your room in any way you like as long as the decorations conform to community life standards and housing guidelines and do not damage any part of the room. You may not use nails, contact paper or any other type of adhesive except for white sticky tack.
How long are the beds? What kind of sheets will I need?
Beds in Voth Hall are extra-long twin size. You will need extra-long twin size sheets. Beds in Haury Hall and Warkentin Court are standard twin size. However, both Haury and Warkentin have a very limited supply of extra-long beds. Requests for these beds should be make with the Office of Student Life before arrival.
How much is too much to move in?
To make move-in as smooth as possible, we ask that you bring only one carload. Experience has shown that when students bring more than this, they end up taking most of it back home again. If you are not sure what to bring, visit our suggestions page. Also, we suggest that you try and pack items in small boxes to make fewer heavy boxes.
Are pets allowed?
No. Animals are only permitted in the residence halls as guide animals for the physically challenged. Fish, in reasonable numbers, are an exception.
What items are not permitted in the dorms?
Please do not bring any of these items: electric blankets or sheets, hot plates, sunlamps, candles, incense, toaster ovens, electric skillets, electric hotpots, George Foreman grills, space heaters, pets (other than fish), guns or weapons, fireworks, explosives, illegal drugs, waterbeds or water chairs.
Are the residence halls locked?
Voth is electronically locked after intervisitation hours end, at which time all hall doors are locked as well. Residents of Voth have keys to come and go as they please. Haury Hall hallways doors are also locked following intervisitation hours with 24-hour access to the main lobby.
Must residents be in the halls at certain hours?
There are no set curfew hours in the residence halls. Students are expected to assume responsibility for their own schedules.
When will students find out their housing assignments?
The majority of housing assignments for new students will be mailed to home addresses beginning late May/early June and ending in August. This mailing will include the name, address and phone number of your roommate.
What do I do if I have roommate problems?
We encourage students to contact their resident director, who will attempt to mediate and resolve problems. For parents: If you need to find out how the situation is being addressed or for additional information, you should contact your student’s hall director.
Can freshmen have cars on campus?
Yes. All students are allowed to have cars on campus.
Is carpeting provided in residence hall rooms?
Carpeting is not provided in Haury or Voth Hall rooms. Students can bring their own area rug. Warkentin Court rooms are carpeted.