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…Bethel has a high reputation for scholastic achievement. As long as I am able, I will continue to support my alma mater. 

Advancement and Development Staff

Fred Goering

Fred Goering

Director of Development
Ext: 226
Phone: 316-284-5226
John Sheriff

John Sheriff

Ernest E. Leisy Prof. Emeritus of English, Estate Planning Assoc
Ext: 276
Phone: 316-284-5276
Cindy Beth

Cindy Beth

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Ext: 341
Phone: 316-284-5341
Matt Hein

Matt Hein

Associate Director of Development
Ext: 357
Phone: 316-284-5357
Gail Marsh

Gail Marsh

Administrative Assistant for Development
Ext: 250
Phone: 316-284-5250
Pamela Tieszen

Pamela Tieszen

Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Ext: 349
Phone: 316-284-5349
  • BA Jamestown College 1987
  • MA University of Sioux Falls 2004
About Pamela:

Pam has 6 years of administrative and 13 years of teaching experience in both the public and private high school sector of education in South Dakota. Pam also served on the executive committee of Mennonite Schools prior to becoming VP of Advancement at Bethel College July, 2014. Pam is currently enrolled in a leadership doctoral program at University of St. Thomas.