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…Bethel has a high reputation for scholastic achievement. As long as I am able, I will continue to support my alma mater. 

Friends & Donors

Thank you for supporting Bethel College students.

Your gifts affirm our mission and programs and make possible the continued growth and strength of Bethel College. We are grateful for your love and care for this college.

Bethel College donors help keep costs low for our students, donating over $5 million dollars to programs and operations in 2011–2012. Your gift fosters a new generation of leaders, providing one of the top baccalaureate educations in the United States.

You may choose to support Bethel College by:

A gift to Bethel impacts the college in at least two ways. Not only does it provide funds—the more alumni who choose to support the college financially, the easier it is to show foundations and accrediting agencies of Bethel’s strength, today and tomorrow. Don’t let the size of the gift keep you from contributing to Bethel. Every gift is vital for our students.

A gift to Bethel allows new generations of students to explore their faith, their world and their minds in ways that generations have done before them. Take pride in being a part of something special. Make a gift: make a difference.

Giving levels

Bethel College identifies the following annual giving levels:

  • President’s Circle: Gifts of at least $5,000 to the Bethel College Fund
  • President’s Club: Gifts of at least $1,000
    • Builders Level: Any gift of $5,000 and up
    • Partners Level: Any gift between $2,500 and $4,999.99
    • Advocates Level: Any gift between $1,000 and $2,499.99
  • Leaders Club: Gifts between $500 and $999.99
  • Founders Club: Gifts between $250 and $499.99
  • Century Club: Gifts between $100 and $249.99

We are grateful to our more than 3,000 donors. Each gift is important and ensures the ongoing programs of Bethel College.