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Being a Thresher means being a part of a tight-knit family. The students, faculty and community are all so supportive and truly want you to succeed.
Lindsay Waltner ’13

KBCU-FM 88.1

Bethel College Radio

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About KBCU

KBCU-FM 88.1 is a 24-hour non-commercial, not-for-profit radio station that broadcasts from the campus of Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas. KBCU:

  • broadcasts Bethel College athletic events.
  • reaches all of Newton and much of Harvey County.
  • is operated and staffed by more than three dozen Bethel students and a faculty advisor.
  • allows Bethel College students the opportunity to receive academic credit for their radio participation.
  • was the first mass-media broadcast experience for many Bethel alumni who have gone on to successful careers in the mass media and broadcasting industries.
  • has excellent facilities for broadcast and production that give students a real-world experience in broadcast media.
  • has a wide range of student programming, including rock, hip-hop, alternative, Latin, contemporary Christian and sports talk shows.
  • is affiliated with the Pacifica Radio Network.
  • is part of a long-standing Bethel tradition in radio that has its roots in the 1930s.

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