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Bethel was my window to the world and to myself.
Daniel Hege ’87

BCAPA Traditional Music Program

Traditional private lessons have been a part of the Academy of Performing Arts even before it was an academy and was still the preparatory department administered by the music faculty at Bethel College. Almost all of our principal instructors have advanced degrees and many years of quality teaching experience. Interested students may call the BCAPA office for information on how to contact instructors to arrange private lessons. Payment is made through the BCAPA office at 123 E. Broadway.

Private music instruction is offered to students of all ages and abilities in the following areas: piano, guitar, violin, viola, voice, flute, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, organ and drums.


To enroll, contact BCAPA.


*Bethel College faculty member

Apprentice instructors, who are advanced music students at Bethel College, also teach private music lessons for BCAPA.