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People at Bethel had such diverse interests and experiences…. But when they were at Bethel, they worked at things that made them more alike than different.
Cynthia Doyle Perkins ’77

Board of Directors

BCAPA 2012–13 Board of Directors

  • Dr. Gary Blaine, President
  • Jill Brandt, Secretary
  • Gregg Dick, Treasurer
  • William Eash, Bethel College Representative
  • Danika Bielek, Artistic Director
  • Vern Dreier
  • Deb Flavin
  • Bradley Kauffman
  • Kristin Kliewer
  • Patrice LeFevre
  • Marie Maugans-Coleman
  • Sheri Schmidt

Ex Officio Members

  • Rebecca Schloneger