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Seek. Serve. Grow.

Even as I graduate and leave campus for the final time, I won’t stop asking myself, How can I seek, serve, and grow?
Jennifer Warkentine ’12

Student Ambassadors

Allie Chesbrough

Hi. I’m junior Allie Chesbrough, a sophomore from Leawood, and I’m majoring in biology with a minor in Bible and religion. 

Every student should know how incredible the faculty and staff are at Bethel. The time and attention they give to students is what makes them stand out.

Activities and organizations in which I’m involved include orchestra, Swing Dance Club, Bible study, Common Ground Steering Committee, trivia night, National Alliance on Mental Illness and cross country.

I like exercising, going to random events at Mojo’s (coffee shop on campus), studying with friends, watching movies and going to sporting events.

My favorite movie is The Wedding Date, and my favorite band is OneRepublic. I like Christian music as well as pop/rock.

Bethel offered me the perfect environment to find my space, so come find yours!

Lucas DuPriest

Hi. My name is Lucas DuPriest, and I’m an undeclared major at Bethel College.

I’m from a small town on the west coast of Sweden (yes, in Europe). I lived in Sweden for 15 years but decided to move back to the States, where I resided as a kid, to be closer to my relatives and be able to go to an American college.

In addition to studies and classes, I play soccer and belong to the Disc Golf Club.  I enjoy traveling (Australia is probably my favorite country so far), playing soccer and having a good time hanging out with my friends from school.

One thing I feel every prospective student should know about Bethel is how tight-knit the community is.

I’m a sophomore from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Ridge Foster

Hello. I’m Ridge Foster, a senior from Haven. I’ve experienced the Bethel community for five semesters and the big-school community at The University of Kansas for one semester. This has taught me what I love about Bethel.

In my free time, I like hanging out with friends, playing sports and relaxing.

I’m majoring in history and working toward a coaching certificate.

The community at Bethel is tight knit, and you will meet new friends and establish friendships that will last a lifetime.

I’m involved in basketball, football, CLIO (history club) and community service projects (football). I’m also a football student recruiting assistant and plan to graduate in spring 2016.

Katrina Horner

My name is Katrina Horner, and I’m a senior from La Junta, Colorado, majoring in nursing.

At Bethel, activities and organizations I’ve been involved with include Environmental Action Club, Math Club, hosting overnight stays, women’s chorus, Students for Social Change and National Alliance on Mental Illness.

In my free time, I enjoy connecting with the community.

Bethel College is a place you can experience a rigorous academic career that’s backed by a mindful, supportive community.

I’m interested in people from every walk of life, and I have a sense of humor, and am creative, optimistic, confident and cordial.

My plans are to graduate in May 2015.

Shelby Howard

I’m Shelby Howard, a junior from Halstead, and I’m majoring in business and minoring in mathematics. 

My involvements include volleyball, event staff, Astronomy Club and intramural sports.

In my free time, I enjoy attending musical and athletic events, as well as spending time with friends.

I am very friendly and easy to get along with. I have a positive attitude, especially toward Bethel. I love meeting and getting to know new people. I have a strong desire to help people see how awesome a place Bethel truly is.

I anticipate graduating in May 2017.

The person who has influenced me the most in my life would be my mom. She always has been my biggest supporter in all aspects of my life. My mom is very respectful of my decisions and future goals, and has let me follow my own unique path. I believe the qualities my mom possesses have helped me grow to be the person I am today and will continue to help me in the future.

Jacob Miller

Hello. My name is Jacob Andrew Miller, and yes, my initials are JAM. I am tasty when lathered on toast, #reallife. I am a double major in communications/literary studies and a double minor in management/math.

My extracurricular activities include taking part in forensics, Student Senate, The Collegian student newspaper, Environmental Club, intramurals and theater.

I also enjoy the Harry Potter series, beat boxing, playing the trombone, cooking, baking, gardening, racquetball and pretty much all sports, among other things. I like to stay busy, and I take great pride in having a strong work ethic. At Bethel, I’m a sophomore from Westmoreland.

I also like homemade blackberry jam. I’d like to think the berries that make JAM resemble my personality—thorny at first, but berry sweet with time.

Eric Preheim

One thing I think every prospective student should know about the college is it’s a great place to mature and learn.

At Bethel, I’m majoring in business and minoring in psychology with an anticipated graduation date of May 2016. I’m a junior from Brentwood, Tennessee.

I’m the Disc Golf Club president, soccer player, weight room attendant and on the intramural staff.

I have fully enjoyed my time on campus, and I’m outgoing and ambitious.

In my free time, I like to attend sporting events and hang out with friends.

One of my favorite memories as a Bethel College student has been turning acquaintances into best friends.

Drew Trollope

I’m Drew Trollope, a junior from Kingman, and I’m majoring in business administration and minoring in graphic design.

At Bethel, I’m involved with Student Senate, golf, men’s ensemble and event staff.

In my free time, I play golf, hang out with friends, watch movies, visit Wichita and see my family.

I think every prospective student should know Bethel is a great community, everyone is a friend, and there are many great opportunities in class and with professors.

Some things you should know about me are I’m outgoing, as I enjoy talking to and meeting new people.

Emily Wedel

At Bethel College, I take part in orchestra and Environmental Action Club.

I am friendly, punctual and hard working. In my free time, I like to relax, get to know people and be with friends.

I believe Bethel is oriented around a close-knit community, providing a unique variety of experiences and resources that may not be available at large universities.

I’m majoring in biology and am a senior from Hutchinson. My anticipated graduation date is May 2016.

I have a couple of favorite memories at Bethel. One is dressing up as Aladdin characters for Halloween and performing A Whole New World for the costume contest. The other is of me running around campus in the freezing cold in a T-shirt, shorts and no shoes.