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It is the comprehensive Bethel education both inside and outside of the classroom that will have a lasting and profound impact on my future
— Josh Chittum ’09

Tuition Information

Tuition and room and board costs are for one full year. Commuters are charged a $710 campus life fee. International students, please visit our International Students page for tuition information.

Base costs for 2014–15 academic year
Tuition $24,200
Room and board* $7,760
Liability deposit $200
Total $32,160
Variable costs (estimated)
Books $900
Health insurance** $900

**All students are required to have health insurance coverage. If the student is covered under a family plan, additional Bethel health insurance is not required. The full health insurance premium is due in the fall at the start of school.

*Room and board options
Warkentin Court $8.260
Voth Hall $8,240