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It is the comprehensive Bethel education both inside and outside of the classroom that will have a lasting and profound impact on my future
Josh Chittum ’09

Student Profiles: Nicole Eitzen

Hometown: Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
Major: Literary Studies; Communication and Culture
Class: 2014

What’s your major? Why did you choose it?
I chose to double major in Literary Studies and Communication and Culture because I am drawn to the way people’s identities and cultures are expressed and perceived through the written word.
What brought you to Bethel?
I selected Bethel because I knew I had the guarantee of being presented with several opportunities for participation that would fit my wide variety of interests.
What activities have you been involved in?
I am coeditor of BClines (Bethel’s online creative journal) and have worked for the Collegian, competed at a talent show with an original rap song and won two years in a row Bethel’s annual poetry contest for Martin Luther King’s Day.
How are you different now from when you first arrived on campus?
I am more familiar and comfortable with the English language and have learned to share with others and defend my points of view.
For what are you most proud of Bethel?
Bethel is always open to new ideas and I like the possibility Bethel offers of having an individualized major or undertaking a directed study. When Anthony Gonzalez and I chose to bring back Bethel’s literary publication with an online format, for example, the idea was not only accepted, but greatly encouraged by the faculty and staff.
What has been your favorite course so far, and why?
I loved Nathan Bartel’s Fiction Writing Workshop and Ami Regier’s Diasporic Literature class because both classes facilitated the student exchange of creative ideas and the analysis of published works.
Tell a quick story about a memorable moment from your Bethel days.
When Bethel was ready to showcase the play The Laramie Project, we were informed that the Westboro Baptist Church would pay us a visit. Upon their arrival, the Bethel community got together and decided that we would respond with an alternate hymn sing and the most respectful treatment we could offer towards the protestors. The play was a hit and The Westboro Baptist Church left early and without a commotion.
What does it mean to be a Thresher?
Threshers are well-rounded individuals who know as much about themselves from their beliefs and ideals as they do from their experiences with others.