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The culture of Bethel is one that encourages students to try new things and to think critically.
Sarah Unruh ’12



Susan Muto, Epiphany Association, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Christian Commitment:

Living Commitments Faithfully in the Workplace
Forming Community in the Holy Spirit
Maturing in Christian Love
Spiritual Disciplines as Avenues to Committed Living


Lyle W. Dorsett, Wheaton College

C. S. Lewis (1898-1963): A Quarter-Century Evaluation
C. S. Lewis and the Life of Prayer
C. S. Lewis under Fire: A Look at His Critics
C. S. Lewis’s Advice to Students
C. S. Lewis: Some Keys to His Extraordinary Effectiveness


John M. Perkinst, Harambee Christian Family Center and the John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development, Pasadena, California
Authentic Christianity:

Jesus Goes to the Land of the Shadow of Death
John Perkins: Cry Justice (new Perkins film)
My Own Pilgrimage
Community Development as a Calling
The Leader as Servant


Dale W. Brown, Bethany Theological Seminary, Oak Brook, Illinois
Basic Issues for Christian Peacemakers:

Faithfulness and Effectiveness
Redeemed People and Unredeemed Structures
Justice and Love
Despair and Hope


John H. Westerhoff III, Duke University Divinity School
On the Threshold of God’s Future: Acquiring, Sustaining and Deepening a Radical Faith

The Strangeness of Christian Faith
The Church as a Story Formed Community
Christian Life as a Pilgrimage
Ministry as Daily Life and Work


Ronald J. Sider, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Philadelphia
Living the Anabaptist Vision in the Late Twentieth Century:

Overcoming the Hypocrisy of the Mennonite Peace Witness
God’s Invitation to Shalom
Jesus’ Resurrection and the Search for Peace and Justice
New Ways to Be Peacemakers


Myron Augsburger, Washington Community Fellowship, Washington, D.C.
Discipleship in the Global Village:

Commitment of Faith
Practicing Love
Doing Justice
Modeling Peace


Dallas Willard, University of Southern California
Prospects for an Evangelical Apologetics in the 1980s:

The Gospel Ministry of Apologetics: A Neglected Field of Christian Service
The Material World and the Rule of God: Matter or Physical Substance as Understood Today
The Powers of the Mind: Parapsychology and the Experiential Reality of God’s Kingdom
History and Personality: Why a Good God Permits Sin and Suffering


Mary Cosby, Church of the Savior, Washington, D. C.
The Relevance of Christ in a World Like Ours

Jesus and the Disinherited
Jesus and the Call to Prayer
Jesus and the Call to Peacemaking
Jesus and the Call to Suffering


Bernie Wiebe, Editor, The Mennonite, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Toward Getting It Together: Lifestyle for the 80s

Looking for My Self
Let the Stork Live!
Styles of Relationships
Spirituality for the 80s