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The culture of Bethel is one that encourages students to try new things and to think critically.
Sarah Unruh ’12



Scott Holland, Professor of Theology & Culture at Bethany Theological Seminary, Richmond, Indiana
Prophets, Poets & Pragmatists: The Historic Peace Churches and Public Theology
Public Theology as Seeking Cultures of Peace
Entering Whitman’s America: A Theopoetics of Public Life
The Poetics of Peace
Prophetic Vision, Poetic Voice and Pragmatic Solidarity


James Stayer, Emeritus Professor of History from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
Anabaptist/Mennonite Pluralism
Anabaptist Beginnings—July 1523-February 1527: Grebel and Hubmaier; Mantz and Sattler
The Prophetic Political Dissent of the Anabaptists: Then and Now
Pilgram Marpeck and the Austerlitz Brethren: A "Disappeared" Anabaptist Denomination
Menno and Münster


Rudy Wiebe, Novelist and Retired Professor from Edmonton, Alberta
Tracking the Story as History:
Between the Stones and the Ocean
Flour and Yeast
Where the Truth Lies
Tracking Omniscience: the Story as Gift


Helmut Harder, retired General Secretary of Mennonite Church Canada and former Professor of Theology at Canadian Mennonite Bible College, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mennonites and Catholics Conversing on the Way
Sharing Our Stories (mp3 audio)
Integrating Our Peace Witness (mp3 audio)
Comparing Our Theologies (mp3 audio)
Healing Our Divisions (mp3 audio)


Jaime Prieto, Latin American Biblical University, San Jose, Costa Rica
Latin American Mennonite History
El carácter poligenético de los Menonitas en América Latina—The Polygenetic Character of Mennonites in Latin America
La fecundidad de las tradiciones orales en la construcción de la Historia Anabautista—The Abundance of Oral Tradition in the Construction of Anabaptist History
Protagonismo de la mujer en la Historia Menonita de América Latina—The Participation of Women in the History of Mennonites in Latin America
Misionología y la eclesiologia anabautista: Desafíos a la construcción de la paz—Missiology and Anabaptist Ecclesiology: Challenges to Building Peace


Lee Palmer Wandel, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Faith and Humanity: How Do We Tell the Story of the Reformation?
Of Founding Fathers and Origins: Writing History from the Present
Textual Communities: Theologians and Evangelicals
The 1960s and Social Movements: Magistrates, Anabaptists, and Women
Incarnation: "True Christians" and the Diversity of Faith


Jean Janzen, Fresno, California
Elements of Faithful Writing
Mud: The Mound That Saves Us
Water: Wailing in the Shower
Fire and Air: Breathing the Light
Text: Marking the Stone


C. Arnold Snyder, Conrad Grebel College
The Rich Legacy of Anabaptist Spirituality
Anabaptism: A Protestant, Lay Monastic Renewal Movement (mp3 audio)
Praying the Anabaptist Bible: Lectio divina in an Anabaptist Mode (mp3 audio)
Not a Baptism of Adults, But a Baptism of the Reborn (mp3 audio)
From Spirit to Letter: Anabaptist Spirituality and Mennonite Piety (mp3 audio)


Alan Kreider, Mennonite Board of Missions/London Mennonite Center
Listening to the Early Church: A Way Forward for Contemporary Anabaptists?
Can Anabaptists Learn from the Early Church? part 1(mp3 audio) part 2(mp3 audio)
Initiation: Becoming a Resident Alien (mp3 audio)
Worship: Shaping an Intriguing People (mp3 audio)
The Way of Peace in a Militarized Empire part 1(mp3 audio) part 2(mp3 audio)


Mark A. Noll, Wheaton College
Eighteenth Century Origins of Evangelicalism
The Emergence of Evangelical Christianity
part 1(mp3 audio) part 2(mp3 audio)
Who Are Today’s Evangelicals and What Are They Up To?
part 1(mp3 audio) part 2(mp3 audio)
Evangelicalism as "Revolutionary" Faith part 1(mp3 audio) part 2(mp3 audio)

Early Evangelicals and the Wars of the 18th Century part 1(mp3 audio) part 2(mp3 audio)