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The culture of Bethel is one that encourages students to try new things and to think critically.
Sarah Unruh ’12



Heiko A. Oberman, University of Arizona, Tucson
The Multiple Voices of the Reformation


Walter Klaassen, Conrad Grebel College
Living at the End of the Ages


William R. Estep, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas
Religious Freedom: Heritage and Responsibility


James C. Juhnke, Bethel College
Dialogue with a Heritage: The Beginnings of Bethel College
The Ethnic Dialogue: Bethel as German
part 1(mp3 audio) part 2(mp3 audio)
The Community Dialogue: Bethel as Church (mp3 audio)
The Spirituality Dialogue: Bethel as Pietist part 1(mp3 audio) part 2(mp3 audio)
The History Dialogue: Bethel as Anabaptist (mp3 audio)
The Culture Dialogue: Bethel as Christendom part 1(mp3 audio)
part 2(mp3 audio)


Rodney J. Sawatsky, Conrad Grebel College
Authority and Identity: The Dynamics of the General Conference Mennonite Church


Vincent Harding, CIliff School of Theology, Denver
Black History and the Search for a New America


Cynthia C. Wedel, World Council of Churches
Tradition and Traditions


John H. Yoder, Notre Dame University and Mennonite Biblical Seminary
The Jewish-Christian Division: A Reassessment from a Radical Reformation Perspective
It Did Not Have to Be: Jewish/Christian Division
(mp3 audio)
Jesus — Jewish Pacifist (mp3 audio)
Judaism as an Historical Peace Church (mp3 audio)
Paul — Jewish Missionary (mp3 audio)

Jewishness of Anabaptism (mp3 audio)


Cornelius J. Dyck, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries
Strength from the Past: 450 Years of Anabaptism-Mennonitism and Its Meaning for Today


Samuel Escobar, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Lima, Peru
Missions from a Third World Point of View