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The culture of Bethel is one that encourages students to try new things and to think critically.
Sarah Unruh ’12

1980 - 1984

Table of Contents:

Fall 1984

  • Sep 3: Harold J. Schultz, "Out on a Limb"
  • Sep 7: Bruce Woods, "Finding Meaningful Relationships"
  • Sep 10: Richard Harris, "Language and Advertising"
  • Sep 13: Duane Friesen, "Reflections on the Middle East Conflict" (Peace Lecture)
  • Sep 17: Bethel Enery Conservation Task Force, "Meeting Bethel's Energy Needs"
  • Sep 24: Walter Jost, community song fest
  • Sep 28: Mimewock, mime show (Fall Fest convo)
  • Oct 5: environmental lecturer to be announced
  • Oct 8-9: Ron Sider, "New Ways to be Peacemakers" (Staley Lectures)
  • Oct 12: "Glimpses from Bethel's Past" Founders Day commemoration
  • Oct 15: Carl Eller, "My Fifth Superbowl"
  • Oct 19: John Sheriff, "Mennonites, Methodists, and Liberal Education"
  • Oct 22: Anna Bowman, "Is Misogyny Too Harsh a Word? How Do You Feel about Women?"
  • Oct 26: Marion Decker, James Juhnke, "Should Christians Participate in Politics" debate
  • Oct 29-30: Vincent Harding, "Black History and the Search for a New America" (Menno Simons Lectures)
  • Nov 5: Thane Chastain, "Through a Tube Darkly"
  • Nov 9: Marcus Smucker, "Christ and Vocation"
  • Nov 12: Roger Claassen, "World Food Security and the U. S. Farm Policy"
  • Nov 16: "South Africa - the White Laager" film
  • Nov 19: "Generations of Resistance" film (South Africa)
  • Nov 26: Mari Peterson, "A Perspective on Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant"
  • Nov 30: "A Perspective on Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant," KGE representative

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Spring 1984

  • Feb 3: Paul Ackerman, "The Creationist Challenge: Does It Matter"
  • Feb 6: Robert Kreider, "Famous and Not So Famous Last Words"
  • Feb 10: Marles Preheim, community song fest
  • Feb 13: Tim Lehman, Service Emphasis Day
  • Feb 19-21: Don Kraybill, "Hope in a Nuclear Age"
  • Feb 24: Bert Lobe, "A Perspective on Southeast Asia"
  • Feb 27: Rich Sider, "Central America Today"
  • Feb 27, 8:30pm: George Ritchie, "Bach and the Cosmic Connection: Music, Mathematics and the Mind"
  • Mar 2: Efrian Diaz, "The U. S. and Central America: A Honduran Perspective"
  • Mar 5: John Gaston, "Role of Blacks on Small Predominantly White Campuses"
  • Mar 9: Leroy Garvin, "History of the Negro Spiritual"
  • Mar 12: Bethel College Debate Team, "Resolved: That U. S. Higher Education Has Sacrificed Quality for Institutional Survival"
  • Mar 16: Deborah Hunsberger, Paul McKay, and students, "Interterm Experiences in Germany and India"
  • Mar 26: Bruce Cutler, "Alternate Worlds"
  • Mar 30: Connie Bohannon Roberts, "Sevel Women" drama
  • Apr 2: Felix Moos, "Refugees at Our Doorstep"
  • Apr 5: Roger Fisher, "Alternatives to Military Bluffing in International Disputes"
  • Apr 9: "Running Fence" film
  • Apr 13: Sack and Act Players, "Mother Goose's Cornz-a-poppin' Network"
  • Apr 16: choral concert, Bethel College choral groups
  • Apr 23: Student Council convocation, Tammy Duvanel
  • Apr 27: "Population Issues - 1984," representative of Population Institute, Washington, DC [who was it?]
  • Apr 30: Rachel Waltner, "Main Streets: Preserving Our Cities"

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Fall 1983

  • Sep 5: Harold J. Schultz, "In Pursuit of Excellence"
  • Sep 9: "Nicaragua and Honduras," International Summer Seminar
  • Sep 12: Victor J. Papanek, "Creative Problem Solving"
  • Sep 19: Marles Preheim, community song fest
  • Sep 22: Waldo Wedel, "The Plains and Man: An Archeologist's Perspective" 8pm
  • Sep 23: Waldo Wedel, "Indians and Spaniards in the 16th Century Kansas"
  • Sep 26-27: Myron Augsburger, "Discipleship in the Global Village" (Staley Lectures)
  • Oct 3: Sally Kitch, "The Mother God and Social Structures: The Shaker Example"
  • Oct 7: "Our Neighbors from the South"
  • Oct 10: Fremont and Sara Regier, "Two Years on the Edge of the Kalahari"
  • Oct 17: Robert Christina, Jr., "The Trains We Rode"
  • Oct 21: film "Goya: His Life and Art"
  • Oct 24: Betsy Bergen, "Human Sexuality"
  • Oct 28: Richard MacMaster, "William Penn's Woods"
  • Oct 30-Nov 1: Cynthia Wedel, "Tradition and Traditions" (Menno Simons Lectures)
  • Nov 7: Naomi Lynn, "Women: The Real Majority"
  • Nov 14: Carolyn Schultz, "Willa Cather - The Prairie"
  • Nov 18: Bethel College Jazz Ensemble
  • Nov 21: John Swomley, "The Devil Theory of International Relations"
  • Nov 28: Forensics Road Show
  • Dec 2: International students
  • Dec 5: Myrna Arceo, "Phillippine Religion: Domesticating or Liberating?"

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Spring 1983

  • Feb 4: Wallace T. Collett, "Is Peace Possible in the Middle East?"
  • Feb 7: film "La Frontera"
  • Feb 11: Gary Gammon, "The Realist's Approach to Peace"
  • Feb 14: Monita Lank, "Male and Female Comparisons in Strength Development"
  • Feb 16: Service Emphasis Day [who spoke?]
  • Feb 18: Art Simon, "Addressing the Problem of World Hunger"
  • Feb 20-22: Walter Klaassen, "Simplicity and Ambiguity: The Janus of Biblical Faith" (Bible Lectures)
  • Feb 25: Newton Community Chorale
  • Feb 28: John Ruth, "Paradoxes"
  • Mar 4: Heidi Regier, "Botswana: Encounters in Faith"
  • Mar 7: Emmet C. Burns, "Minority Affairs"
  • Mar 11: Bethel College Gospel Choir
  • Mar 14: MCC Players, "On the Move"
  • Mar 18: June Yoder, "Women and Peace"
  • Mar 28: film "Women Inside"
  • Apr 4: to be announced
  • Apr 8: James Hartman, "American English Variation: E Pluribus Unum"
  • Apr 14: Jonathan Fine, "The Prevention of Nuclear War"
  • Apr 15: John Bergey, "Choosing Health"
  • Apr 18: Bob Edmiston, "Alternative Energy Futures"
  • Apr 22: International Student Organization
  • Apr 25: Paul McKay, "The Plight of Central American Refugees"
  • Apr 29: Frank Tillapaugh, "The Church Unleashed"
  • May 2: Arthur Abrams, "Contemporary Issues from the Jewish Points of View"
  • May 6: Diane Umble, "Diary of a Strasbourg Film Project"
  • May 9: film "Potlatch: A Strict Law Bids Us Dance"
  • May 13: Awards Assembly

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Fall 1982

  • Sep 3: Harold J. Schultz, "A World of Linkages"
  • Sep 6: Robert Kreider, "Sabbatical Windows"
  • Sep 10: Paul McKay, Juan José Hurtado, "Central American Exiles and Refugees"
  • Sep 13: Prairie View staff, "The View from Within"
  • Sep 17: Paul Myers, C. Nelson Hostetter, "Mennonite Disaster Service"
  • Sep 19-21: Dallas Willard, "The Prospects for a Christian Apologetics in the 1980s" (Staley Lectures)
  • Sep 27: Kiyoshi Tanimoto, "Hiroshima 37 Years Later"
  • Oct 1: "For the Beauty of the Earth," Fall Fest convo
  • Oct 4: "Please Freeze," an original musical drama, Road Less Travelled
  • Oct 8: Stanley Senner, "Political Action and Environmental Stewardship"
  • Oct 11: Barbara Schmidt, "Victim and Offender Mediation Service"
  • Oct 15: Medard Gable, "The Empty Breadbasket: The Cornucopia Project"; Jack Nelson, "North American Food Patterns"
  • Oct 18: to be announced
  • Oct 22: Elwood Chapman, "Your Attitude is Showing"
  • Oct 25: Harold Moyer, James Juhnke, "Time Will Tell," original operetta, Hesston College Music Department
  • Oct 26: "Die Fledermaus," National Opera Company
  • Nov 1-2: John Howard Yoder, Menno Simons Lectures
  • Nov 5: Warren Bryan Martin, "The Liberal Arts and Career Education"
  • Nov 8: Jerry Karr, "Implications of the 11/2 Elections for State Legislative Priorities"
  • Nov 12: Ken Bauman, "The Marks of an Educated Person"
  • Nov 15: Marvin Dirks, "Hypothesis: That We Are Not All Created Religiously Equal"
  • Nov 19: Huan Xinqu, "My Personal Odyssey"
  • Nov 22: Randal Gunden, "Reflections of an Economist"
  • Nov 29: James Schellenberg, "Is an Objective Standard of Justice Possible?"
  • Dec 3: Forensics Road Show
  • Dec 6: file "Excuse Me, America" Brazilian archbishop Dom Helder Camara

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Spring 1982

  • Feb 5: Howard Snider and Bethel students, "Experiential Learning and Interterm Off-campus Course Reports"
  • Feb 8: Charles Pace, Freddie Gardner, "Sizwe Bansi is Dead" drama on South Africa
  • Feb 12: Richard Friesen, "An Urban Ministry: A Visual Presentation on Kansas City"
  • Feb 14-16: Robert Bratcher, "The Bible in Today's World" (Bible Lectures)
  • Feb 22: Jacqui Chagnon, "Indochina Refugees: A View from Inside Indochina"
  • Feb 26: Marles Preheim, Community Chorale
  • Mar 1: Don Joy, "Basic Life Intimacies"
  • Mar 3: Philip Young, "Working with the Criminal Justice System" (Service Emphasis Day)
  • Mar 5: Francis S. Lestingi, "Thermo Nuclear Weapons: Visions and Visuals"
  • Mar 8: Don Liggett, "Seeing Ourselves through Other Cultures"
  • Mar 12: International Students Organization of Bethel College
  • Mar 15: Richard Steele, "South Africa from the Perspective of a South African Conscientious Objector"
  • Mar 19: Forensics Road Show
  • Mar 29: National Shakespeare Company, "The Tempest"
  • Apr 2: Denver Interfaith Children's Choir
  • Apr 5: Gene Stoltzfus, "Hope and Decay in the City: Can White People Help?"
  • Apr 12: film "The Artist as a Woman"
  • Apr 16: Henry Kelly, "Energy, Productivity, and National Energy Demand"
  • Apr 18: Black Heritage Convocation [who spoke?]
  • Apr 23: Jim Yoder, "Southern Africa as Seen Through the Swaziland Window"
  • Apr 26: Anne and Tom Moore, "Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons from a Kansan's Perspective"
  • Apr 30: Joachim Wiens, "The Peace Movement in Europe"
  • May 3: Anna Juhnke, "The Exodus in Modern Imagination"
  • May 7: William Stemper, "The Corporation: Its Pitfalls and Promise"
  • May 10: film "Excuse Me America" about Brazilian Dom Helder Camara
  • May 14: Awards Assembly

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Fall 1981

  • Sep 4: Harold J. Schultz, "The Giraffe Society"
  • Sep 7: Jerry Lichti, "What I Learned in Zambia"
  • Sep 14-15: Mary Cosby, "The Relevance of Christ in a World Like Ours" (Staley Lectures)
  • Sep 18: Covenant Players, "Business vs. Christianity"
  • Sep 21: Robert Hinshaw, "Natural Disaster Trends and Their Implications"
  • Sep 25: Paul Wehr, "Case Studies in Conflict Management"
  • Sep 28: film "On the Edge of the Forest"
  • Oct 2: Fred Loganbill, "Draft Registration: Considerations and Options"
  • Oct 5: Kirk Alliman, "The Church as a Service Organization"
  • Oct 9: "Finding Joy in Simplicity" (Fall Fest convo)
  • Oct 12: Diane Umble, "Living with Mass Media"
  • Oct 16: Ron Flaming, "The Challenge of the Pastorate"
  • Oct 19: Paul McKay, "Guatemala: The Unnatural Disaster"
  • Oct 23: Harold Turner, "New Religious Movements in the U. S."
  • Oct 26-27: Cornelius J. Dyck, Menno Simons Lectures
  • Nov 2: Keith Harder, "Christian Community"
  • Nov 6: Donna Neufeld, "Anger: Making the Best of It"
  • Nov 9: Reinhild Janzen, "Art, A Matter of Survival"
  • Nov 13: The Micah and Laura Mime Theatre
  • Nov 16: film "Waterloo Farmers"
  • Nov 20: Winfield Fretz, "China Revisited"
  • Nov 23: Foreign student convo
  • Dec 7: film "Between Men"

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Spring 1981

  • Feb 6: Lee Lengel, "The Automobile and American Life"
  • Feb 9: Jeptha Hostetler, "Alcohol and Drugs"
  • Feb 11: film "Alcohol and Drugs: Making a Decision"
  • Feb 13: Alcohol and drug abuse convo
  • Feb 16-17: Pheme Perkins, "Love Commands in the New Testament: Covenant Community and Ethical Obligation" (Bible Lectures)Feb 23: Andrew Edwards, "Focus on the Contemporary Black Family"
  • Feb 27: Musical-dramatc presentation by the Gospel Choir
  • Mar 2: Peter Ediger, "Three Temptations in the College Wilderness" (Service Emphasis Week)
  • Mar 6: Public Affairs Division, McConnell Air Force Base, "Titan II Missiles"
  • Mar 9: Brahms Requiem, The Chorale, Walter Jost
  • Mar 13: Willie Richardson, "Preparation for the Rest of Your Life"
  • Mar 16: Plow Shares, Doug & Jude Krehbiel, "Castles in the Air"
  • Mar 20: John Pilch, "Wellness: Your Invitation to Full Life"
  • Mar 30: John Valusek, "Discipline and Violence"
  • Apr 3: Jay Goering, "Farming - From Africa to Kansas"
  • Apr 6: Lawrence Hart, "Cheyenne Peace Traditions"
  • Apr 10: to be announced
  • Apr 13: Burton Buller, "Making a Film on the Hutterites"
  • Apr 20: John Gaston, "The Ideas and Ideals of Martin Luther King"
  • Apr 24: The Zebras, North Texas State, "From Back to Jazz"
  • Apr 27: Forensics Road Show
  • May 1: Music honors convo
  • May 4: Carl S. Keener, "The Humanizing Imperative: A Process Perspective"
  • May 8: Brigadier General B. K. Gorowitz, peace lecture
  • May 11: film "Between Men"
  • May 15: Awards Assembly

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Fall 1980

  • Sep 5: Harold J. Schultz, "When You Elect Bethel . . ."
  • Sep 8: Ingram S. Seah, "Church, Conscience and Government"
  • Sep 12: Delton Franz, "Election 1980 - Questions and Answers"
  • Sep 15-16: Bernie Wiebe, "Looking for Myself" (Staley Lectures)
  • Sep 22: film "The American Woman: Portraits of Courage"
  • Sep 26: Bruno Schottstaedt, "Christians in a Socialist Society"
  • Sep 29: Von Hardesty, "World War II and the Russian Enigma"
  • Oct 6: Jim Bixel, "Of Mountains, Mozart and the Liberal Arts"
  • Oct 10: Marion Deckert, "The Unexpected"
  • Oct 13: Perry Yoder, "Human Plans and Divine Providence or What to do with a Beautiful Wife in Egypt"
  • Oct 17: Perry Yoder, "Human Government and Divine Providence or Love Your IRS Man as Yourself"
  • Oct 20: Dick Wright, "Classic Jazz Musicians" film and commentary
  • Oct 24: film "Broken Treaties at Battle Mountain"
  • Oct 27-28: Samuel Escobar, "Missiology from a Third World Point of View"
  • Oct 31: National Opera Company, "Don Pasquale"
  • Nov 3: Marian Franz, "Pastoring Politicians"
  • Nov 7: Lloyd Smith, "In Business Small is Beautiful"
  • Nov 10: John A. Auxier, "Nuclear Power and Public Concern"
  • Nov 14: James Bertsche, "Lessons Africans Have Taught Me"
  • Nov 17: Richard Foster, "The Celebration of Simplicity"
  • Nov 21: Vincent Persichetti, "On Being a Composer"
  • Nov 24: Tom Isern, "Following the Harvest"
  • Dec 1: William Juhnke, "Anabaptists and Mormons: Would You Believe a Comparison?"
  • Dec 5: George Rogers, Sheldon Bassett, Diane Flickner, "The Olympics and Politics", awards convo
  • Dec 8: film "Manimals"

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Spring 1980

  • Feb 8: Ronald J. Sider, "Simplifying Our Lives in the 80s"
  • Feb 11: George Dyck, Martin Umansky, Charles Pearson, "Terrorism, Hostages and Keeping Our Cool"
  • Feb 15: Bernd Foerster, "Is There Anything Worth Saving in Kansas?"
  • Feb 17-19: Willard M. Swartley, "Using the Bible for Moral Issues: Case Analyses: Slavery and Role of Women"; "The Thematic Sermonic Use of the Bible: Peacemaking" (Bible Lectures)
  • Feb 25: Charles Pace, drama "Malcolm X" (Minority Culture Week)
  • Feb 29: Bethel Minority Students, "No Man Stands Alone"
  • Mar 3: Gene Stoltzfus, "A Message of Hope from the Philippines" (Service Emphasis Week)
  • Mar 7: Kenneth Boulding, "Peace and the Moral Economy"
  • Mar 10: Danilo Dolci, "Nonviolence in Violent Sicily"
  • Mar 14: Marles Preheim, Chorale
  • Mar 24: Herman Viola, "Indians and the Great White Father"
  • Mar 28: Betty Reardon, George Kent, Dudley Weeks, "Crisis Intervention - International"
  • Mar 31: Phyllis Bixler, "The Baptized Imagination: Fantasies of George MacDonald, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien"
  • Apr 7: Michael Palmer, "Of Pianists, Composers and Orchestras"
  • Apr 11: Morning with Pete Seeger
  • Apr 14: Harold Schultz, "Journey to the Far East"
  • Apr 18: Mark Hatfield, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Christian Decision-Making in a World of Political Realism" (Faith and Learning Conference)
  • Apr 21: Presidents Peachey, Just, Schultz, "The Hesston-Tabor-Bethel Triangle"
  • Apr 25: Roger Juhnke, "Teas, Tutorials and Trains"
  • May 5: Readers Theater, "Come Laugh with Us"
  • May 9: Goals Study Committee, "Getting to 1987 in Style - Goals for Bethel"
  • May 12: Michael Steinel and band, "Jazz, Rock, Dixieland and Disco"
  • May 16: Jim Harder?, "It All Happened at Bethel: A Visual Story" and awards assembly

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