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The culture of Bethel is one that encourages students to try new things and to think critically.
Sarah Unruh ’12



(Nov. 5-6): Willard Swartley

"The New Testament as Covenant of Peace: Ecclesial and Public Theology?"


(Feb. 25-26): Rev. Dr. Naim Stifan Ateek, Ecumenical Liberation Theology, Center, Jerusalem


(Feb. 24-26): Perry Yoder Sabeel, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries
"Organizing the Psalms: Introduction and Wisdom Songs"
"Hymns: Confessing the Kingdom"
"Thanksgiving Songs: Living in the Kingdom"
"Laments: Dissonance in the Kingdom"
Pastors Workshop: "Seeing the Text: An Exegetical Workshop"


(Mar. 12-14): J. Denny Weaver (Bluffton College)
"Revisioning Atonement: A Nonviolent Cross"
"Atonement: Salvation through the Slain Lamb"
"Atonement: A Conversation with Black Theology"
"Atonement: A Conversation with Feminist and Womanist Theology"
"Atonement: The Bible and Defenders of Anselm"