Seek. Serve. Grow.
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The community feeling here is really incredible, and the fact that people take the time to actually know other people is impressive and humbling to me at the same time.
Greg Shelly ’11

Experiential Learning

You’ll be able to pursue ways to put your education and interests to use in a variety of settings, depending on your interests. All psychology students have opportunities for lab work, where you’ll learn to administer and analyze tests, observe people, measure brain activity, use the latest software and prepare presentations.

You’ll also be able to participate in research projects, both on campus and off, from studying how people interpret the behavior of others to determining how animals make choices in finding food. You’ll have the chance to work as a departmental assistant and/or at local agencies that serve people with developmental disabilities or mental illnesses.


The sciences at Bethel College emphasize student research and creative activity. All psychology majors design and complete a year-long research project, putting into practice skills they have acquired. Some of the more recent projects have included:

  • Effects of Specific Formal Training on Emotional Responses to Music
  • The Effects of Attributions in Writing about Traumatic Events on Anxiety Levels
  • Concept of God and Personal Meaning: Investigating the Perspective of Older Adults
  • What’s in a Label?: Resolving Ambiguities in Self-Reports of Emotional Responses to Music

Some recent psychology internship placements have included:

  • Northview Developmental Services, Newton
  • United Methodist Youthville, Newton
  • Prairie View Mental Health Services, Newton/Wichita
  • Community Playschool, Inc., North Newton