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Seek. Serve. Grow.

I have always had a heart for people and for service. I wanted a profession that gave me an opportunity to work directly with people and a profession that could utilize my skills to serve others who truly need it. What better profession than nursing? You get that chance every single day.
Danica Cox ’12

Coursework for Nursing

Major requirements for the Nursing Program:
92 hours (52 nursing credit hours plus 40 hours prerequisite credit hours) are required along with general education credits to earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

A total of 124 credit hours (with a minimum of 60 baccalaureate hours) must be earned prior to graduation.

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Nursing curriculum

Fall — first semester:

  • NSG300: Foundations of Nursing NSG300 — 3 credits
  • NSG311: Health Assessment — 2 credits
  • NSG312: Nursing Care of the Adult I — 4 credits
  • NSG320: Clinical Practicum I — 4 credits

Spring — second semester:

  • NSG329: Nursing Care of the Adult II — 4 credits
  • NSG327: Mental Health Nursing — 3 credits
  • NSG335: Clinical Practicum II — 4 credits
  • NSG340: Evidence—Based Practice For Nurses — 2 credits
  • Practical Skills for Managing Inter-personal Conflict SSC460* — 2 credits

Fall — third semester:

  • NSG401: Maternal Newborn — 3 credits
  • NSG402: Child and Family — 3 credits
  • NSG403: Community Health — 3 credits
  • NSG410: Clinical Practicum III — 4 credits


  • Basic Issues of Faith and Life BRL457* — 4 credits

Spring — fourth Semester:

  • NSG416: Complex Nursing Care of the Adult — 2 credits
  • NSG417: Nursing Leadership & Management — 3 credits
  • NSG425: Clinical Practicum IV — 2 credits
  • NSG426: Bethel Capstone — 3 credits
  • NSG430: Synthesis — 3 credits

Total nursing hours: 52

* Note: course is taken only once

If you are interested in transferring into the nursing program at Bethel College, information contained in this document can serve as a guide.