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…the atmosphere of Bethel is vibrant, caring and friendly. I have had the best experience here…
Claire Unruh ’12

Music is an important part of the Bethel College culture.

With more than a quarter of our student body involved in music, Bethel students are constantly surrounded by a community that is passionate about making high-quality music. Whether you are a music major, music minor, or a non-major who simply wishes to continue playing your instrument or singing in college, your musical experience at Bethel will be rich and meaningful. Bethel has a long, rich tradition of musical excellence—that tradition continues because of our first-rate faculty, diverse and talented students and alumni, and unique liberal arts setting.


At Bethel College you’ll receive personalized instruction from one of the area’s most experienced, qualified and talented faculties. Our low student to faculty ratio means that you’ll be that instruction occurs at an individual level. Our faculty members care about each student’s success and have a breadth of knowledge that allows each student to focus on their individual musical interests, from music education to jazz saxophone to church music.

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Students and Alumni

Bethel College consistently draws in a diverse and talented student body. These gifted students help to create the culture of musical excellence that exists at Bethel College. Mentored by our excellent faculty, and inspired by our strong musical tradition, Bethel College students are passionate about working for a consistently high level of musicianship.

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Liberal Arts Setting

Bethel’s liberal arts setting provides for a well-rounded education, putting music study in the context of related courses in history, literature and the arts. Music students are not only trained to become excellent musicians, but also strong writers and critical thinkers that are well prepared for graduate school, teaching or performance careers.